AquaCell: an ecological battery that gets activated in five minutes with water

Recyclable and with an infinite battery life: this is the promise of AquaCell's creators, a new ecological battery that is a true marvel. To activate Aquacell, you just need two things: a few minutes of patience and water. If you dip the battery for five minutes in water, it will fill with energy! This revolutionary green […] Read More

most polluting companies

The most polluting companies in the world

Did you know that just a small number of companies (including household names such as BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron) are responsible for two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions in the last 150 years of human history? When one thinks of the most polluting companies in the world, it is difficult to realize their gigantic share in today's greenhouse […] Read More


Discovering Favoralia, the international service exchange

Every day we throw away perfectly functional gadgets and stuff only because they seem to lose their aesthetic appeal to us, or we pay an excessive amount of money for a service because we have no other choice. The website Favoralia was founded to deal with these kinds of problems in a time of persistent crisis […] Read More


The most polluted cities in the world: not just a Chinese problem

Which are the most polluted cities in the world? China leads with a good margin here, but it's  in good company, one might as well say. Last winter, you've probably read reports from Harbin, a Chinese metropolis in the North-East, where at a certain point one could not see more than 10 meters ahead in […] Read More

Glowing Plant

Trees that can light up our streets

Engineers and scientists from the United States have come up with yet another original project. They want to create phosphorescent trees that can effectively replace our streetlights! This original idea of light without electricity seems impossible, but according to these scientists, this is feasible thanks to synthetic biology. This new discipline deals with designing, building and synthesizing new organisms and […] Read More


Microwave ovens: are they one hundred percent safe?

This is a legitimate question to ask ourselves, since we know that more than 5 million microwaves are sold each year in the US. Only a few households are still solely reliant on old-fashioned electric oven. Microwaves are found almost in every kitchen today and are an integral part of our daily lives. There has been a meteoric rise […] Read More


Drones and the internet to save the rhinos in Africa

Two years ago, during the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Northern Italy, we were impressed by the story of Athonet. At the time a start-up in its early stages from the Area Science Park in Trieste, Italy, that brought broadband with a mobile 4G LTE dedicated network to one of the main tent camps […] Read More

gravity light

GravityLight: the cheaper alternative to electric light

1.5 billion people, mostly in developing countries, resort to gas lamps for lighting. According to the World Bank, this practice is responsible for the poisoning of 800 million women and children who inhale the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes per day (60% of women who develop lung cancer are non-smokers in the third world […] Read More

Asperatus, arcus, mammatus: strange names for unusual clouds

Scientific names like arcus, altocumulus and mammatus, may sound bizarre, but they are the scientific names of clouds of rare and surreal shapes. Some can be really disturbing, so disturbing that superstitious people may think they are harbingers of the Apocalypse! The asperatus (Latin name for brutal) is a very rare type of cloud. It was proposed […] Read More

Biogas plant

Biogas: everything you need to know about this energy source

The search for alternative energy sources is full on, and scientists are always coming up with new opportunities for development. They are also utilizing previous untapped energy sources, including biogas. But what are we talking about exactly? What are the pros and cons of this resource? The prospect of biogas is therefore an interesting one which has many […] Read More