Local autonomy and environmental protection in China

Local autonomy and environmental protection: a case study from remote and rural China

Yunnan is a southern province in China, rich in minority groups maintaining their own way of life, practicing their own religion, producing their own art, craft and music. Yunnan is relatively underdeveloped compared to other regions of China, but this region is not protected from rapid and sometimes unplanned industrialization. A concern now is to […] Read More

family farming

Family Farming: feeding the world, caring for the earth

Family farming means a lot in terms of food security and environmental sustainability. In these times of economic crisis, family farming is a flexible and suitable answer to address current challenges, such as climate change and volatility of food prices. A family cultivates his land for generations. The children follow in their parents' footsteps, working […] Read More

energy-savvy building

Make your building more energy-savvy

Buildings represent 32% of total final energy consumption and a relevant part of this is due to computer equipment and residential electronics, which make up 15 percent of global residential electricity consumption worldwide. The amount of energy that electronic devices comsume is expected to triple by 2030, unless decisive actions are taken to increase energy […] Read More

wolves change rivers

Don’t mess with Nature: she knows what she’s doing if we just leave her alone

This story is a remarkable example of how Mother Nature is always at work to keep things in balance. In 1995 wolves were reintroduced into the Yellowstone National Park, which had been wolf-free for over 70 years. Of course, wolves kill a number of different species of animals, but we are certainly less aware that […] Read More

zeer fridge of the desert

The fridge of the desert: how to preserve food without electricity

You may not be familiar with the “fridge of the desert” or “Zeer” which comes from Arabic, but it is the name for a very simple pot-in-pot cooling device, which can be extremely useful in certain situations where electricity or indeed a refrigerator appliance are not available. There is proof that this method of refrigeration […] Read More

Jabuticaba fruit

The Jabuticaba: when tropical fruit grows on the tree trunk

The jabuticaba is a tree that grows in the southern provinces of Brazil. The particularity of this plant is that its fruits grow directly on the trunk and not only at the end of the branches. After flowering, the trunks of jabuticaba trees become adorned with lots of small brown balls, giving the trees a […] Read More

bamboo fabric

Bamboo, a more sustainable textile?

Bamboo is known as the fastest-growing woody plant in the world: technically a grass and not a tree, some types of this plant are capable of growing up to four feet a day. With more than a thousand species and multiple uses from flooring to panda food, bamboo has finally spread to textiles. A process similar […] Read More

Buycott app

An app to boycott Monsanto

How many times when buying a green or seemingly "natural" product, have you asked yourself, what is actually its true origin and if the label matches the truth ... Of course, it is often difficult to find a truly natural product as many products have links with companies defined as "unethical" because of their unsustainable […] Read More

boyan slat

How can we remove 7 million tons of waste from the ocean?

"The history of man is basically a list of things that could not be done, and then they were done", the motto of the young Boyan Slat, a nineteen year-old Dutch designer and inventor who has developed a project that could potentially have the ability to clean up the oceans, removing 7 tons of plastic […] Read More

air pollution

Air pollution causes more deaths than diabetes, accidents and AIDS together!

A new report from the World Health Organization states that a whopping 7 million people died as a result of air pollution in 2012: 40% of these people were living in China during that year. So, air pollution was linked to more deaths than diabetes, accidents and AIDS together in 2012! EXPLORE: Which are the most polluted […] Read More