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How to make your own soy milk at home

Due to its low calorie count and plant proteins, soya milk is conquering consumers… and not just vegans. Here's a way to make soya milk at home. You need only two raw materials, soy beans and water. There are many benefits from making your own soya milk; you can save money, use less packaging and of course […] Read More

Brewing company creates sustainable beer to lower CO2 emissions

Migration Brewing Company, based in Portland, Oregon, has a different approach to reducing greenhouse gases. Last month, it launched its first low-carbon beer, called the Little Foot Red. The use of renewable energy, local ingredients, and limited distribution were the main factors in creating this sustainable beer. What is a low-carbon beer? It’s a beer whose […] Read More

Growing sprouts at home is easy, good fun and ….. healthy!

This hobby doesn’t require any particular knowledge or expertise, it doesn’t take up space and the sprouts, with elevated vitamin and mineral levels, have a high nutritional value. You can grow sprouts from clover, soya, rocket, azuki beans, mung beans and much more. The seeds are also very cheap to buy making it a money […] Read More

Are fish oil supplements good for you?

Fish oil supplements, popularly sold as fish oil pills, are a common way to increase our intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have a number of health benefits. Our body needs Omega-3 fatty acids, but doesn’t produce them naturally, so we usually acquire them from the fish we eat. In supplements, the fish oil is […] Read More


Natural Foods To Discover: Bulgur

Bulgur is an ingredient everyone should discover sooner or later. Bulgur comes from wheat: its groats are steamed first, and then left to dry. Afterwards, they are minced and divided in smaller pieces. Differenty from the common cous cous, that comes from a slow processing of durum wheat semolina in water, the bulgur is the […] Read More

foods rich in potassium: ketchup

Top 10 Foods Rich In Potassium

A balanced eating style, giving the body all the necessary nutrients is crucial to maintain a psychophysical well-being. Potassium is fundamental in order to prevent fatigue, water retention, insomnia and muscle soreness. The foods listed below are the richest in potassium and can be easily assimilated: Ketchup: the most famous sauce in the world, made […] Read More

3 fun ways to season salt

Spices are essential in any kitchen to make dishes appeal to savory and sweet palettes. To liven up your cooking, here are 3 tasty and fanciful ways to season your salt. They are easy to follow and add a special touch to your simple dishes. Salt seasoned with aromatic herbs - This adds a burst of […] Read More

no-salt cooking tips

No-salt cooking tips!

Indeed the excessive amount of salt inour diet isassociated to different cardiovascular diseases (a New England Journal of Medicine study proves that more than 1,500,000 people die of heart disease). But still salt consumption is too high. In the USA in 2010 the average daily sodium intake was of 3,95gr (equivalent to 10gr of salt) […] Read More

properties of buckwheat

The properties of buckwheat: a superfood you should add to your diet right now!

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), was introduced into Europe by the Turks. Contrary to popular belief it is not a cereal but belongs to the Polygonaceae family, therefore, it does not contain gluten and is one of the favourite foods of those with celiac disease. This natural ingredient appears as dark triangular-shaped grains, which are dried on […] Read More

Health benefits of turmeric: why you should add it to your diet right now

Up until recently I hardly ever paid attention to turmeric and even if I am an accomplished cook and I knew of the existence of this spice, it was never really something I would keep in my pantry. To me turmeric belonged to Indian cuisine and I never really needed it to prepare my “western” dishes […] Read More