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Muscat nut

9 amazing health benefits of nutmeg (or Muscat nut)

Nutmeg (or Muscat nut, which is its original native name) is native to the Moluccas and New Guinea. This spice is actually a seed, the inner part of the fruit of the Myristica Fragrans. The seed is used as a ground powder or as a dried nut ready to be shredded. It has an oval shape and it […] Read More


Saffron: recipes, prices, side effects and properties

Saffron is one of the most expensive foods on earth. With its strong and decisive taste, saffron is an obligatory ingredient in countless recipes. It is also rich in phytonutrients and possesses unique medicinal properties. Saffron appears in so many recipes around the world. Saffron risotto is arguably the most popular dish, but you will […] Read More

The benefits of coconut oil

The amazing benefits of coconut oil

The oil you obtain from the dried pulp of a coconut is incredibly valuable, because it is bound to a variety of uses. Coconut oil, which was considered an enemy of health for years, is now completely rehabilitated by more recent scientific studies. Its normal consistency at room temperature is not liquid but solid, similar […] Read More

Savoy cabbage properties and health benefits

Here are all the properties of Savoy cabbage and the uses of this plant in many cooking recipes, a classic ingredient of natural cuisine. Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea), also called cabbage, is a plant known since ancient times for its medicinal properties and currently widespread in Europe and in the USA. It is a typical […] Read More

Let’s find out all the properties and benefits of the Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most successful foods in recent years. Yogurt has always been a healthy choice for breakfast and snacks. In today’s consumer world, the different types of yogurt seem limitless. In any supermarket, you can find a variety of colors, flavors, and brands. Let's find out what  the differences and benefits are […] Read More

How to make delicious homemade yogurt

Yogurt, a staple item in everyone's shopping cart, is ideal for a healthy snack. Low in fat, adored by women and good for children, what more could you ask for! You’ll be pleased to hear, therefore, that it’s easier, and quicker, than you may think to make yogurt at home from scratch. A perfect way […] Read More

vegan alternatives for butter

Vegan alternatives for butter

In the vegan lifestyle all products with animal origins are excluded from the diet. Amongst these also fats, but how can we find a worthy substitute of butter? These vegan alternatives for butter are the answer. Eating vegan, however does not mean giving up the sins of gluttony: also butter, as other foods, has an […] Read More

7 non-dairy alternatives to cow’s milk you should discover!

Especially if you are intolerant or allergic to Lactose, these non-dairy alternatives to cow's milk will be helpful. Milk can be either of animal origin or vegetable origin. Among the dairy milks available, cow's milk is without doubt the most popular. Other types of this product commonly available are goat's milk and sheep's milk. Cow's milk […] Read More

pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Pesticides: fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels

In all kinds of intensive agriculture pesticides have been used massively for over half a century. Hence, we find pesticide residues everywhere and especially in our food: half of the fruits and vegetables produced by intensive farming contain these corrosive ingredients, although some actually absorb more than others. The American agency Animal and Plant Health […] Read More

eating raw garlic

Eating raw garlic: properties, benefits and contraindications

It is certainly not pleasing to all palates and certainly does not make us easily approachable, unless a couple of hours have passed since we ate it. But anyway garlic is a vegetable with many valuable properties. Garlic's benefits are known since ancient times.  This unique vegetable was regarded primarily as a tonic, an invigorating […] Read More