treat ants with natural methods

How to treat ants using natural methods

Every season has its strengths and weaknesses, the spring and summer bring with them the hassle of the 'invasion' of ants. Those who want to eliminate this problem might find the following suggestions helpful to resolve the issue Yes, it is possible to treat ants using natural methods, at no cost and without dangers, especially if […] Read More

remove moisture from walls

How to remove moisture from walls using natural methods

Yellow walls, moldy surfaces, water scales and damp surfaces are the unpleasant effect of the humidity factor. It manifests itself on the walls of old homes, rooms of houses that have little exposure to sunlight or that are subject to little maintenance. It is also due to the effect of the long rainy periods, which […] Read More

Being energy efficient: how to optimize home heating

In winter, heating your home is costly. It is estimated that, on average, 50% of annual energy consumption is the result of heat loss or misuse of heating. The causes are well known: this wastage is caused by buying inappropriate facilities. However, with a few precautions and the right choices to optimize home heating, you can halve the cost […] Read More

varnish wood

How to varnish wood with natural methods

Did you know it is possible to varnish wood with natural methods? A good number of products we use at home are often toxic. Maintenance of wooden products provides no exception to the rule, especially if we are talking about varnishing wood. They are often full of components that can be hazardous to the environment, and to […] Read More


Potatoes: they can be good for housekeeping too!

Yes, a simple potato can do miracles in your everyday life, and do more for nothing in several housekeeping tasks!  Be it cooking, laundry, cleaning or healthcare, potatoes turn out to be a good ally in many unexpected ways. Let's see some examples: To wash delicate clothes: potatoes easily clean delicate materials such as soft baby clothes […] Read More


8 tips to freeze food efficiently

The freezing processes consist of quickly reducing the temperature of a food, to -18°C (-27.8°F) with household appliances (refrigerators or freezers). These appliances are generally marked with four stars. The water contained in food is transformed into ice; this freezing temperature inhibits bacterial activity. Here is something everybody should know, have a look! 1) Avoid freezing dairy products and […] Read More

recycling couple

Domestic waste: single men and recycling do not mix

Sorting waste is part of our daily routine which is being adopted by more and more people. However, not everyone is embracing this practice with equal enthusiasm. The differences are notable between countries and within populations. ALSO READ: How to clean your bathroom ecologically In 2010 in European households, an average of 35% of  domestic waste was recycled […] Read More

How to make ecological cleaners at home

Most of the charming advertisements promoting the virtue of detergents and house-cleaners are deceptive, if you think about the effects these products have on your health and on the environment that surrounds you! According to several studies conducted in the U.S. and other European centers, environmental impact of domestic pollution is an alarming danger. The […] Read More

How to clean your bathroom ecologically

Here are a series of tips I'm sure you'll appreciate. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is. Tiles: use vinegar diluted in hot water or just hot water if the dirt is not thick. Sometimes you can use a natural detergent. You have to choose according to the type of dirt, the frequency with […] Read More