natural remedies against spiders

5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home

Many people are terrified of spiders and find them repulsive. An area infected with spiders can be synonymous of dirt and poor hygiene. Although sometimes beneficial for the environment, spiders are generally not popular. If you too are not fond of them, here are at least 5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home. 1 […] Read More

How to make homemade eco-friendly soap

One way to make homemade soap is the cold method. This the more simple method, especially when compared to the hot technique. In the cold process, the caustic soda is not heated directly, whereas in the hot process it is. The three basic ingredients necessary for the production of soap (hot or cold), are oil (any kind: olive oil […] Read More

How to make homemade soap from olive oil

Some attention must be paid during preparation as the procedure requires the use of caustic soda, a hazardous material that must be handled with extreme care. It is absolutely essential to always use rubber gloves, goggles and to wear a mask covering the nose. When diluted caustic soda produces corrosive fumes:  For this reason the soap must be prepared […] Read More


A mini garden for your balcony: 5 easy plants to grow

A small garden, a balcony, a terrace or a simple windowsill. In everyones house you can always find a little green space, not only for flowers and ornamental plants that give joy and colour, but also for cultivating edible plants and herbs. Creating a mini-balcony garden is easier than you might imagine and the rewards […] Read More

anti mildew

Mold removal: how to remove mold from walls

Mold removal: those black spots in the shower or the spaces between tiles in the bathroom are not nice to look at, or good for your health. Mold is very common in our homes and it is often difficult to eliminate it. There are dozens of detergents on the market, which promise great results. But […] Read More

How to deal with limescale naturally and effectively

Limescale build up in our toilets and taps are a problem for everyone. Although tap water is constantly controlled to ensure it is safe from bacteria and microbes it is often hard due to its' usually high calcium carbonate content (commonly known as limescale). Limescal deposits can not only damage costly appliances, it can also break them. If you are lucky and live in an […] Read More

flowers balcony sunny

Flowers for the balcony: a mini guide

When choosing flowers for a balcony in the sun we must pay attention to the needs of the plant, because not all species are able to survive daily exposed to the sun, especially in summer. Let's say that the plants tolerate the heat in a different way depending on the surrounding environment. In practice, on […] Read More

how to make essential oils

How to make your own essential oils

We nature lovers really love to use essential oils as ingredients in detergents to take care of ourselves and our houses. Specialised laboratories use extraction methods such as steam distillation (water) and pressing (for citrus fruits, given the structure of the skin pressure must be used). These processes are complicated and difficult to do yourself […] Read More

How to make an eco-friendly perfume for your home

When we enter a fragrant home, an immediate  feeling of well–being engulfes us: 100% natural perfumes are a good alternative to the use of traditional chemical sprays, which are full of irritant substances and carcinogens. With a little imagination and creativity, there may be an infinite number of variations. Essential Oils: Above all, they must […] Read More

How to repel mosquitoes naturally

As summer arrives so too do the mosquitoes. In the past they were a nuisance only in the evening. Unfortunately, in recent years, they pester us during the day time too.... and it's getting worse year after year! For example, in several European countries, since the arrival of the dreaded Asian tiger mosquito in 2004, day time mosquitoes have been found in countless countries […] Read More