Make your own fabric softener with natural ingredients

A recent survey by a well know brand of fabric detergents stated that Europeans, Italians and Spaniards in particular, are the largest consumers of fabric softener in the world. Indeed, softener is a useful ally in laundry. It softens the fibers of clothes, makes ironing easier, fabric more fragrant and it enhances colours and eliminates […] Read More

clean carpets naturally

How to clean carpets naturally

Love them or hate them, knowing how to clean carpets is important for those who use this piece of home furniture to give each room a touch of personal taste and style, never hurts. Whether it’s a classic, modern, colorful, synthetic or made out of natural fabrics and fibers, carpets are inevitably destined to get […] Read More

The wonders of baking soda

The world of chemistry can be fascinating, and not only for scientists. We can apply findings from chemistry and chemical elements in our everyday life. There is a substance which, thanks to its chemical properties, can apparently do miracles. It is useful in everyday life, safe to use and eco-friendly. This miracle substance is sodium […] Read More

How to properly store fruit and vegetables

If you think that fruits and vegetables remain fresh when stored in the refrigerator, you'll be surprised to learn there are better ways to store them. Here are some tips on how to keep fruit and veg fresh and nutritious. First of all, keep them is a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Potatoes and other tubers like […] Read More

Baking soda: a natural solution to use in your everyday life

Baking soda, also known as the powder form of Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3), is an extremely useful, versatile substance that has a number of alternative uses. Thanks to its specific properties, this substance can be used to substitute many chemicals used in our everyday products. Let’s have a look! For Beauty: Shampoo. Baking soda can help […] Read More

energy soakers

Energy soakers: what raises your bill the most?

Did you know that a regular TV uses 10 Watt of your electric power when it’s off? It’s exactly what happens every night, while we sleep, our appliances turn into “vampires” that soak our electric power. Even when in standby mode, they use our electricity, making our electric bill go up and up and up […] Read More

DIY dishwasher tablets

DIY dishwasher tablets

The premade detergents are certainly not eco-friendly and traces of soap eventually left on the dishes may be dangerous for your health. And if you consider the economic side, preparing your own tabs will make you save a lot of money as well! So if you are keen on making DIY projects try this fairly […] Read More

How to wash wool sweaters ecologically

How to wash wool sweaters ecologically

To keep your cashmere or merino wool sweater nice and soft you will first need a bit of patience. It is sometimes difficult to wash them whilst not damaging the environment, but here are ten simple tips to help you find how to wash wool sweaters ecologically: 1. Soaps: use pure Marseille soap (just to rub […] Read More

reducing electric consumption

7 practical solutions for reducing electric consumption

Electricity bills are the most bothersome part of our household budget. Costs, due in particular to the current economic crisis, are increasing and more and more consumers are feeling the pain. Electricity should be used wisely, not only to reduce the monthly bills, but also to avoid unnecessary waste. By changing our habits through small […] Read More

how to repel flies with herbs

How to Repel Flies with Herbs

With the arrival of the summer, our homes are inevitably invaded by insects of all kinds. Among the unwanted guests, like mosquitoes, flies are certainly the most annoying and persistent ones, we're here to give you some advice to distance them using natural methods. Just like for mosquitoes, in nature there are plants that act […] Read More