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make-up remover

Make-up remover cream: how to make it yourself with natural products

Is your make-up remover supply running low? Or maybe you just want to try something new other than chemically and commercially manufactured products? We can help you with some recipes and tips for making natural cleansing products, which will also allow you to save money. This recipe uses essential ingredients that you can easily find yourself. To make this […] Read More

Fighting stress

10 natural products to fight stress

Even if you’re not threatened with karoshi (the famed Japanese term for death by burnout), you should be aware of the warning signs of stress. Every time you have an adrenaline rush, your arteries take a hit. Every time you are facing a stressful situation, your body triggers a biochemical storm, causing damage to the cardiovascular system, digestive […] Read More

Kneipp treatment and its benefits

Kneipp: have you ever come across this word? This is a natural way to achieve well-being and indulge ones-self. Basically, Kneipp treatment is a form of hydrotherapy that nowadays is available in many spas in Europe. The word Kneipp came from a German abbot named Sebastian Kneipp, who lived in the 19th century and decided to […] Read More

essential oils

How to make essential oils at home

To extract oils, specialist laboratories perform sophisticated processes either by steam distillation (using water) or centrifuge (pressure for citrus, under their bark). These are complicated process and are difficult to do at home. The plant material is moistened by steam, the plant tissue rupture, releasing the essential oil, and the steam carries the essential oil. They are then […] Read More

Health! Environment! Why seasonal products are the best

From January to April 2013 in France 30,205,440 pounds of strawberries were consumed. This is no joke! Today in supermarkets you can find grapes in winter, or enjoy kiwis flown in from New Zealand all year round, or green beans from Kenya. Trying to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables also has its' downside: we […] Read More