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Surprising benefits of dark chocolate

When considering the benefits of eating healthy, few people will think of chocolate as a source of nutrition. However, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and minerals. The main ingredient in chocolate is cacao, which, in addition to antioxidants, contains minerals such as fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, and potassium. Chocolate becomes unhealthy the less “dark” […] Read More

how to harvest aloe vera gel

How to harvest Aloe vera gel at home

The Aloe Vera plant is a natural remedy for bug bites, burns, scratches, minor cuts and many others, the gel it produces is a cure-all for our skin and our wallets! The plant has specific properties making it perfect for treatment of other problems and disorders. Use is recommended for people suffering from irritable bowel […] Read More

Should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising?

The main factor to consider when determining the answer is the body’s need for constant hydration. Our bodies use water to regulate temperature, and when we work out, our temperature rises and our bodies lose a lot of water. Becoming dehydrated is dangerous because a depletion of water can have serious consequences such as heat […] Read More

Discovering the benefits of Marseille soap

Living a "green lifestyle" doesn't just refer to recycling waste or to using eco-sustainable forms of transport; our everyday actions also count. You can reduce the use of  chemicals, for example, even when taking care of personal hygiene or cleaning the house. With this in mind let's rediscover the benefits of Marseille soap. You may […] Read More

Is eating sushi good for you?

In its original version from Japan, sushi can be quite healthy and nutritious. When the key ingredients are fresh seafood and vegetables, sushi is rich in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. A common Japanese diet of vegetables, raw fish, and rice has resulted in one of the lowest rates of […] Read More

Beauty benefits of papaya

Fabulous beauty benefits of papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit that grows from a large tree-like plant called the Carica papaya. Its flesh is orange in color, and is a wonderful source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and B vitamins. Other parts of a papaya, such as the seeds and skin, also have beneficial properties. This fruit is useful cooked […] Read More

5 therapeutic uses of French green clay

This mineral clay is made of decomposed plant material and other minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, copper, aluminum, and magnesium. Historically it was used as a beauty treatment, a pain reliever, and also for healing various skin problems and irritations. Here are 5 therapeutic ways you can use French green clay: Facial Mask French green […] Read More

Ideas and recipes to make natural shampoo at home

Making your own natural shampoo is easy, relatively quick and, above all, it can be fun! And, let's not forget, as well as being good for the environment, natural shampoo is also very beneficial for your hair. Let's look at a couple of easy and low cost recipes, for a do-it yourself eco-friendly shampoo. 1. Shampoo made from chickpea flour Chickpea […] Read More

alternative uses for vinegar

Alternative uses for vinegar: more than a simple condiment

For centuries, vinegar has been known for its wide range of beneficial properties. It is historically presumed that the Roman Army used a sort of vinegar power drink made of wine vinegar and water in order to stay hydrated and ready for battle. Today, there are many different types of vinegar on the market: honey, apple cider, rice, wine […] Read More

Chamomile facial cleanser, an easy recipe

Being one of the best-known officinal herbs, chamomile tea has all along been used both for its soothing and antispasmodic properties and applied externally to hair and skin. Now it’s time to discover its cleansing, soothing and hydrating properties and use it as a natural product for facial care. If you want to make a […] Read More