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Take care of your skin naturally at home

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, is put to the test by a series of external factors: air pollution, solar radiation, stress, heat, sun, cold, wind, causing it to suffer all year round. Our skin is one of our bodys important defense systems. It acts as a barrier to pathogens and is a tireless […] Read More

A natural and eco-friendly pool, why not!

We all know that chlorine damages hair, but that's only the start. This chemical can also cause problems with asthma and dyspnea (especially in children under 6 months of age). Furthermore, human secretions such as sweat react with chlorine to produce chloramines that can irriate the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory airways. For this reason we'd like to highlight some natural pools […] Read More

sugar as a drug

Sugar as a drug: addictive and making you hungrier

An American study brings an interesting discovery that could push many to make some changes to their diet. A study by the Oregon Research Institute, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, conducted by Eric Stice revealed that sugar could push us to an addiction making us consume more fat, and generally increase the […] Read More

Is drinking water good for your health?

Is drinking water good for your health?

We were told that drinking water is good for the health and it takes at least 2 liters a day to cleanse the body and make your skin beautiful. But now comes a con, it hurts and it's addictive. What is it? Dispelling a bit of myths about drinking water. Drinking lots of water is […] Read More

The nutritional power of raspberries: why they are good for you

With their rich colors and distinct sweetness, raspberries have been readily consumed for thousands of years. As with many fruits, they are also a fantastic source of vitamins and nutrients. Let’s have a look at the nutritional power of raspberries and discuss the reasons why you should add them to your daily fruit intake. Raspberries […] Read More

afternoon nap

An afternoon nap helps you sleep well at night

Behind the apparent truism that an afternoon nap can help you live through your day and relieve physical and mental fatigue, there is a new scientific research that explains why getting an afternoon nap, without too much guilt and indeed, with great sense of responsibility for their own health, leads to improvement of both physical […] Read More

Vegan alternatives for butter: Avocado

5 natural ingredients to treat dry hair

If your hair is lifeless, tired, badly damaged or very dry, here are five natural remedies which you can make in no time at all. Here are 5 ingredients you should consider, cheap and effective! 1) Olive oil: for treatment but also for a massage, apply olive oil directly on the roots and along the […] Read More

Why is it better to take your shoes off at home

Why is it better to take your shoes off at home?

The Japanese have always done it, but do you know why it’s good also for us, Westerners? Shoes have become an irreplaceable accessory not only to survive in an urban environment, but also for fashion and trend-following needs; whoever’s not home all day keeps them for multiple hours a day, but we’re going to explain […] Read More

How to make a face mask at home using natural ingredients

These face masks are best used at most twice a week, preferably in the evening. Before application be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly in order to prepare your skin for the treatment. Be careful! There is a slight risk you may be allergic to some products (e.g. pineapple kiwi, orange, red berries, papaya and […] Read More

food brain

The 10 best foods for your brain

To have a healthier and more efficient brain, the center of all actions in our body, we are always recommended to rest and follow a balanced and healthy diet. For which you can find the best allies in nature. Fruits and vegetables come at first place: just how the Popeye cartoon taught us, for example […] Read More