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how to cure chillblains

How to cure chilblains both on your hands and feet naturally

Find out what are the treatments and how to cure chilblains with natural remedies, both on your hands and your feet. With the winter season, in addition to the usual elements, to suffer the ravages of cold is also the skin, especially the limbs- hands and feet that can develop painful chilblains. It is an […] Read More

Dry hair? 5 super natural ingredients that will revitalize it

Many simple everyday problems have a green solution. Did you know that your own kitchen is a potential laboratory that can cure dry hair? Countless natural ingredients used in cooking have the power to heal your dry lackluster hair, making it soft and healthy. They are simple, easy to find, and will help you avoid […] Read More

beauty recipes from coconut oil

3 beauty recipes from coconut oil

Lounging on a tropical beach surrounded by pristine blue water and tall swaying palm trees. It is an enticing image that can be improved by only one activity - sipping the sweet, refreshing juice from a coconut! Coconuts are extremely resourceful fruits, and we would like to focus on one of their most potent contributions to […] Read More

Natural health benefits of green tea

A hot cup of tea can do wonders for your body. There are countless studies illustrating the beneficial effects that tea has on our well-being. Some known advantages to drinking tea include boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, and in the case of herbal teas, having a calming and soothing effect […] Read More

organic lemon

Organic lemon and its properties: 11 benefits you should know

Lemons are a staple of every kitchen. They have many other lesser known properties, however, which make them a must have item in every home! Here are just some examples the natural therapeutic properties of lemons: High fat diets and excessive alcohol consumption put a lot of strain on the liver, making it slow to […] Read More

Soursop benefits: a tree with countless virtues

Soursop benefits:  this small tree also called healing tree, grows in tropical areas of the planet. This tree produces edible fruits, but it is best known for its medicinal properties. All parts of soursop are edible and even have beneficial effects on serious ailments: roots, bark, leaves, fruits, seeds... It has long been used by the […] Read More

Heal a sore throat using natural remedies

You don’t necessarily need to resort to chemical drugs to alleviate sore throat. You can heal a sore throat using natural remedies coupled with a bit of patience. Not so long time back our grandmothers used to make us take a spoonful of honey when we felt feverish. In facts, honey is the best known […] Read More

Effective anti cellulite natural remedies

Are you tired with the gym, the countless multi-vitamins, food replacement and anti-cellulite creams? The only way to get to the root of the problem of cellulite is to exercise and to eat right. In fact, the health and beauty of your body depends mostly on a healthy lifestyle. Creams and lotions are most frequently […] Read More

Divine beauty benefits of rose petals

There is nothing more luxurious than a scented bubble bath with rose petals. Roses have been synonymous with love and beauty for hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were some of the first to use rose petals in their baths, cosmetics, and beauty treatments. What makes roses so special and desired when it […] Read More

Cleansing milk and facial tonic

A DIY cleansing milk and facial tonic recipe

The cleansing milk and facial tonic are the basis for cosmetic facial cleansing, supermarkets and stores are stocked with all kinds of brands and variations to suit everyone's needs, but there are also recipes for getting these cosmetics at home, saving you money and knowing what they are made of. Let's see how to realize […] Read More