Canadian city plans “freezeway”: an ice-skating path for commuters

Residents of Edmonton, Alberta are not unfamiliar with below freezing temperatures. In a city where the average winter temperature is colder than -10C, trudging through the ice and snow can be an unpleasant daily experience. What if there was a way to commute through the city during the icy cold winter that was quick and […] Read More

Helsinki to stop cars in 10 years, thanks to metro and bus system

Maybe because it's cornered from neighboring Scandinavian cities, maybe challenged by more eco-friendly Germany, the Finnish capital has announced a really ambitious project: stop all cars on its roads by 2025. Everything will be done through the use of new technologies: a handy app will actually help you find the fastest route to your desired […] Read More

bicycle without spokes

First ever bicycle without spokes created in Turin, Italy

As cities become more crowded, and traffic more congested than ever, bicycles are the best way to get around the city. Nonetheless, the limited portability of a bicycle can be stressful, especially when looking for a place to store it. An innovative new design for the first ever bicycle without spokes will be Made in […] Read More

California company offers peer-to-peer bike renting

Have a bike that you never use but don’t know what to do with? California company Spinlister knows how to solve this problem in a green way. The company is specialized in peer-to-peer bike renting, and allows clients to list their available bikes so that others can rent them. The service is simple - you […] Read More

German smart shoe generates energy

Researchers from Schwenningen, Germany have created a shoe that generates energy from walking. Their goal is to create a product that is strong enough to power portable electronic sensors without batteries. Still in the early phases of development, the energy being generated during test runs is not strong enough to charge the likes of a smartphone yet […] Read More

hydrogen highway

From Munich to Modena: a new hydrogen highway in Europe

A project for the first hydrogen vehicles highway has been approved recently: it is a long passage leading from Germany to Italy with fuel stations every 100km. Travelling from Munich to Modena - a city also known "the capital of engines", since many of the factories of the famous Italian sports car makers Ferrari, Maserati […] Read More

bike sharing for kids in Paris

Bike sharing for kids, it happens in Paris!

When we think about going for a ride we usually figure ourselves in a park, or visiting small villages where cars are banned, on holiday or making short trips. We would keep a relaxed pace to escape from our chaotic life. But nowadays there could be other reasons to climb on a bicycle: everyday life […] Read More

reasons to marry a cyclist

10 great reasons to marry a cyclist!

Does you your boy/girlfriend love to go cycling? Well, do know that letting him/her go could be one of your biggest mistake in life. Why? For at least 10 good reasons about why marrying a cyclist is a brilliant idea! 1. They live longer: a pro cyclist has a life expectancy of 6,3 years higher […] Read More

seoul bike rack

10 Amazing Design Bike Racks

Here are some amazing design bike racks from all over the world that remind me of a famous Albert Einstein's quote: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Enjoy! This is probably our favorite, from a purely aesthetic point of view (not sure about its functionality) Now, from France: FOCUS: 10 […] Read More

bicycles in copenhagen

Copenhagen, where bicycle is king

Arguably one of the cyclists' capitals in Europe, Copenhagen witnessed an impressive growth both in dedicated infrastructure and number of bicycles in the last twenty years. Suffice it to say that bicycles at the moment outnumber people in the Danish capital. As we write, there's even five times more bikes than there are cars in […] Read More