Smart Cities

The most sustainable city in the world

The most sustainable city in the world is Frankfurt!

Yet again a record in terms of sustainability for Germany and this time it deserves more than a mention. According to a recent study conducted by the British company Arcadis, which complied a real index of the most sustainable cities in the world, Frankfurt got first place, followed by London and Copenhagen. If the most […] Read More

expo 2015 in Milan

Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Here in Milan, Italy, we are anticipating an upcoming event that will celebrate the importance of ecological sustainability and caring for our planet’s resources. The city is in a constant hustle and bustle of planning, constructing, and creating in preparation for the 2015 Universal Exposition. For the first time since 1906, Milan will host this […] Read More

curitiba first smart city in the world

The first Smart City in the World: Curitiba, Brazil

Jaime Lerner was elected mayor of Curitiba in 1971 and on that year he started his long project of reconstruction of the city. First of all, during the election year, he decided to listen to drivers and traders protests by turning an ordinary road into the famous Rua das Flores (The Flowers Street), a beautiful […] Read More


Copenhagen: when ecology takes over the city

The capital of Denmark has set ambitious targets regarding ecology and sustainable development. In the last ten years, it has already reduced its CO2 emissions by nearly 25%, and it has not stopped its noble pursuit, yet! A popular neighbourhood that was slowly tumbling down due to effect of pollution, has been completely restored. This […] Read More

A week-end in Brussels

Brussels, is an unlikely "capital" of Europe, but it is nevertheless a popular destination for its monuments, museums, gastronomy and adventure spots. It is much less known, for its 8,000 acres of parkland which contain a biodiversity that is extraordinary for a capital in the old continent. It is easy to get fresh air, as this moderate-sized city […] Read More

Discovering Germany’s green capital: Freiburg im Breisgau

Widely regarded as Germany's ecological capital, Freiburg im Breisgau is located in Baden-Wuerttemberg, in the Southern part of the country. This region is otherwise known as the “Germany Tuscany”, due to its sunny climate and beautiful scenery. With a population of about 230,000 people, Freiburg has positioned itself as a Green City, with particular focus on in […] Read More