A wooden mini house: perfect for students!

It is not easy for Swedish students to find a confortable and affordable place to stay away from home. That’s why Tengbom architectural firm, in cooperation with the university of Lund, in the south of Sweden, has designed a Smart Student Unit that is cheap, practical and environmentally-friendly. It is a wooden mini house, just […] Read More

sculpture parks

Sculpture parks: where Art meets Nature

Sculpture is a representation: sometimes presented as a person and sometimes as a beautiful abstract form. Some public sculptures are so striking that their background could have only been inspired by mother nature. In earlier times, decorative statues of marble and stone used to adorn parks and gardens, but in modern times, highly innovative sculptures […] Read More

Denim company recycles old jeans to make furniture accents

Swedish clothing brand Nudie Jeans is helping to keep landfills cleaner by recycling their old products. The company creates and sells only “100% organic cotton denim,” and takes pride in eco-friendly practices and lifestyles. Their sustainable ideas, called their “Denim Maniacs Projects” are focused on re-using their worn-out denim in various ways. Two examples of […] Read More

Zero-waste lifestyle: Lavazza ready to present edible coffee cups!

What about having a coffee and eating the cup, rather than throwing it into the bin? We could substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste, just think about all the coffee breaks in an office day work.... Enrique Luis Sardi, a Venezuelan designer, thought about an eatable cup to offer a sweet treat during the […] Read More

The White Tree Montpellier

Future French high-rise resembles giant white tree

In Montpellier, France, plans are underway for an extravagant, one-of-a-kind apartment high-rise to be completed in 2017. The seventeen-story structure, called The White Tree (L’Arbre Blanc), was designed by a team of French and Japanese architects. The building’s inspiration was the city’s relationship with nature and the outdoors. The White Tree will indeed resemble a […] Read More

California company offers peer-to-peer bike renting

Have a bike that you never use but don’t know what to do with? California company Spinlister knows how to solve this problem in a green way. The company is specialized in peer-to-peer bike renting, and allows clients to list their available bikes so that others can rent them. The service is simple - you […] Read More

Restaurant made of salt filters polluted air

Who says too much salt is a bad thing? Designers of a restaurant in southern Iran think just the opposite, and are gaining noteworthy attention for their new restaurant, which is made entirely out of salt. Created by the Emtiaz Designing Group, the restaurant and its interior are coated with natural salt produced from local […] Read More

Expo 2015: USA Pavilion to feature vertical farm

Expo 2015 is fast approaching here in Milan, Italy. The World’s Fair, whose theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life will begin in May, and many participating nations are getting ready to showcase some of their uniquely sustainable designs. The USA Pavilion, officially named “American Food 2.0, United to Feed the Planet,” will be no […] Read More

German smart shoe generates energy

Researchers from Schwenningen, Germany have created a shoe that generates energy from walking. Their goal is to create a product that is strong enough to power portable electronic sensors without batteries. Still in the early phases of development, the energy being generated during test runs is not strong enough to charge the likes of a smartphone yet […] Read More

hydrogen highway

From Munich to Modena: a new hydrogen highway in Europe

A project for the first hydrogen vehicles highway has been approved recently: it is a long passage leading from Germany to Italy with fuel stations every 100km. Travelling from Munich to Modena - a city also known "the capital of engines", since many of the factories of the famous Italian sports car makers Ferrari, Maserati […] Read More