plantable coffee cup

California startup creates plantable coffee cup

Paper coffee cups are a major problem for our environment. They increase the amount of waste in landfills and are made from the destruction of forests. California startup Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has envisioned a way to help reduce this problem: a prototype for a plantable coffee cup. For those who often take their coffee to […] Read More

Simple wooden coffee table multifunctions as pet bed

French design company Fabbricabois has created a simple yet functional furniture piece with your pet’s comfort in mind. Nidin is a wooden coffee table that doubles as a cozy pet bed for your adorable furry friend. The design was inspired by Japanese origami, and consists of seven flat geometric pieces that fit together. It is […] Read More

World’s tallest wooden skyscraper will be in Austria

Next year, the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world will be built in Vienna, Austria. Called the HoHo Project, the building will be 84 meters (276 feet) tall and will be located in the Seestadt Aspern area in north-eastern Vienna. The 24-story building will house residential units, offices, a hotel, restaurant, and wellness center. The […] Read More

Canadian city plans “freezeway”: an ice-skating path for commuters

Residents of Edmonton, Alberta are not unfamiliar with below freezing temperatures. In a city where the average winter temperature is colder than -10C, trudging through the ice and snow can be an unpleasant daily experience. What if there was a way to commute through the city during the icy cold winter that was quick and […] Read More

Helsinki to stop cars in 10 years, thanks to metro and bus system

Maybe because it's cornered from neighboring Scandinavian cities, maybe challenged by more eco-friendly Germany, the Finnish capital has announced a really ambitious project: stop all cars on its roads by 2025. Everything will be done through the use of new technologies: a handy app will actually help you find the fastest route to your desired […] Read More

The most sustainable city in the world

The most sustainable city in the world is Frankfurt!

Yet again a record in terms of sustainability for Germany and this time it deserves more than a mention. According to a recent study conducted by the British company Arcadis, which complied a real index of the most sustainable cities in the world, Frankfurt got first place, followed by London and Copenhagen. If the most […] Read More

Italian architect designs fantastic urban treehouse

A green oasis in the middle of an urban city? 25 Verde, a residential building in Turin, is a perfect symbol of bringing nature into an urban environment. Covered by hundreds of trees and plants, the five-story building was designed by architect Luciano Pia. According to an article by Design Boom, Pia’s main goal was […] Read More

glass flooring

Glass flooring: interior design ideas and examples

As original as they're bright, the glass floors offer a special optical effect to the environment in which they are installed. Technically, it is tempered and laminated glass, or covered in plates that hold them together with transparent glue, called PVB. The process is essential to ensure the security of the element and also to […] Read More

bicycle without spokes

First ever bicycle without spokes created in Turin, Italy

As cities become more crowded, and traffic more congested than ever, bicycles are the best way to get around the city. Nonetheless, the limited portability of a bicycle can be stressful, especially when looking for a place to store it. An innovative new design for the first ever bicycle without spokes will be Made in […] Read More

New York company creates fun eco-friendly gifts

Lovewild Design's official website explains their focus as being "handmade products from locally and responsibly sourced materials." They offer a range of adorable handmade gifts that are fun and creatively sustainable. Among their most unique products is the “seed paper blooming confetti,” made from wildflower seed paper. After throwing outdoors for a party or celebration, no […] Read More