Interior Design

How to make a terrarium: a step by step DIY tutorial

Today we will show you how to make a terrarium, a miniature garden that will add a touch of green to your home. Have you ever wanted your very own tiny ecosystem? Just as an aquarium is a microcosm of aquatic life, a terrarium is a beautiful microcosm of plant life that you can keep […] Read More

A children’s book that can be planted into a tree

Imagine a thoughtful hands-on method of teaching children about the origins of books and importance of trees. An Argentinian book publisher has come up with a creative way to do just that. Pequeño Editor has made a special version of their children’s book, "Mi papá estuvo en la selva" (My dad was in the jungle) that can […] Read More

Simple wooden coffee table multifunctions as pet bed

French design company Fabbricabois has created a simple yet functional furniture piece with your pet’s comfort in mind. Nidin is a wooden coffee table that doubles as a cozy pet bed for your adorable furry friend. The design was inspired by Japanese origami, and consists of seven flat geometric pieces that fit together. It is […] Read More

glass flooring

Glass flooring: interior design ideas and examples

As original as they're bright, the glass floors offer a special optical effect to the environment in which they are installed. Technically, it is tempered and laminated glass, or covered in plates that hold them together with transparent glue, called PVB. The process is essential to ensure the security of the element and also to […] Read More

Restaurant made of salt filters polluted air

Who says too much salt is a bad thing? Designers of a restaurant in southern Iran think just the opposite, and are gaining noteworthy attention for their new restaurant, which is made entirely out of salt. Created by the Emtiaz Designing Group, the restaurant and its interior are coated with natural salt produced from local […] Read More

eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly furniture designed by an Italian studio

Italian furniture studio Izmade is the creator of some very original, eco-friendly designs that brighten and modernize your home. Based in Turin, the company offers a number of sustainable furniture pieces that are crafted in-house and released in series or in limited editions. According to their official website,, each product idea is developed by […] Read More

ponding washbasin

Recycling your sink water has never been easier!

Water is a fundamental element for the planet, so much that it earned the name of “Blue Gold”. 70% of the earth is covered by water, which the 97% percent of it is salted; from the remaining 3% 2/3 of it make glaciers: So the only drinkable water is just 1%. Water is not an […] Read More

mini-house you can assemble in 2 days

A beautiful wooden tiny house you can assemble in two days works

It really seems to be as the title says. But: is it really possible? Building a house in two days work? The idea comes from Sweden, home of the “Ikea style”, clean and simple low cost design. It’s a smart new concept, the kind that makes you stare in awe at the solutions to housing […] Read More

a pub inside the baobab

A Pub inside a Baobab Tree since 1933

What do you think about going to a pub inside a secular tree? In South Africa there’s a tree so big that it hosts a pub inside of its trunk. Even more unbelievable the fact that the tree has not excavated or taken down. Do you think of it as impossible? Well you’re wrong, a […] Read More

Rain Clouds Planters

The Cutest Rain Clouds Planters Ever

Seungbin Jeong’s Rainy Pots are simple, yet elegant wall-mounted planters that will help you keep your indoor plants well watered. By pouring water into the opening on the top of the cloud form, you will see ‘raindrops’ gently falling onto the plant below. FOCUS: 8 Awesome DIY Flower Pots For Your Home Have you fallen […] Read More