Creative Recycling

How to make homemade biodegradable candles

Making candles at home can be good fun, although it is definitely an activity not suitable for children because it involves hot wax with which you can burn yourself very easily if you don't pay attention. The first thing to do is to make sure you have the ingredients and instruments required. You will need some pots […] Read More

recipe for homemade glue

A recipe for home-made glue

Many people are not aware that there is a recipe for glue that is simple and very easy to make at home in no time, with just 3 ingredients found in any kitchen! Water; flour; Sugar. And that's it! Pour a glass of flour and a tablespoon of sugar in a medium saucepan. Add a […] Read More

tricks you can perform with toothpaste

12 tricks you can perform with toothpaste

Everyone has at least one tube in the bathroom. Easy to use and cheap, toothpaste can be useful for many things, in addition to brushing your teeth! Here are a few tricks you can perform with toothpaste you probably didn't know: Repair your scratched CDs: Rub toothpaste on your CD with your fingers with circular movements […] Read More

pallet recycling

How to recycle pallets in a creative way

In all factories, big and small and construction sites, pallets are always present. These wooden structures are used to transport any type of material. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and as a result in recent years have not only inspired the minds of designers and architects, but also do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Perhaps not everyone knows […] Read More

Repair Café

Repair Cafés: repair to consume less

Repair to consume less: this is the idea behind Repair Cafés. These coffee shops are popping up everywhere. The aim for the customers is to learn how to repair their electronics and various goods rather than discard the old ones and buy new gadgets. When an object no longer works, Westeners usually throw it away […] Read More

grow an avocado tree

How to grow an avocado plant at home

One of the easiest plants to grow from a seed is an avocado. In less than two months you will have your first blossom from a simple seed, and without too much effort or needing to be green fingered. Here's a short guide, just a few simple steps to grow an avocado plant at home from its […] Read More

tin cans flower pots

8 Awesome DIY Flower Pots For Your Home

This beautiful planter made ​​from an old trunk isn't but one of many examples of fantastic planters you can do by repurposing old stuff. Let's see some of the best ideas that inspired us recently: 1) Old chairs can be easily turned into stylish garden pots 2) Re-use your old jars to make a uselful and decorative […] Read More

planter from old trunk

A planter made ​​from an old trunk

What a lovely example of creative recycling: look at this beautiful planter made ​​from the trunk of a fallen tree, very elegant and perfect for a garden! These type of planters are often seen in the mountain villages of the Alps, where in winter, especially after heavy snowfalls, older trees tend to fall. You might […] Read More

dumpster pool

10 very original examples of recycling

Cigarette filters: In North America, a handful of companies and local administrations are launching programs that will help transform them into timber or shipping pallets. Panda droppings: They can be utilized as a fertilizer for tea! A Chinese University Professor, An Yanshi, allegedly declared to have found a solution in the fight against cancer: although his […] Read More

Orange peel

Spare parts: they can be good for your health, your wallet and for the environment

Yes, you have read that right! It may sound odd, but the fact is that what are commonly defined as “inedible parts” could in fact be a gold mine for your health, your wallet, and the environment. Wastage of food is a global problem and we waste 21% of food we buy, which amounts to 5.6 […] Read More