Nek Chand's amazing artwork

Rock Garden: a huge artwork made from industrial waste

In Chandigarh, India, an elderly man named Nek Chand has a curious habit. He collects waste from construction sites in the city to create original and unique works of art. In 55 years, this man has forged over 1.400 assorted objects that have found their home on a 12-hectare park, called Rock Garden. This unique garden is truly […] Read More

Andres Amador artwork

Andres Amador’s earthscape art

After showing you the fantastic snow art by Simon Beck on this post, we could not resist to introduce you to another artist who works with land to express himself, only this time we are talking about beaches and sand. A former computer technician from San Francisco, Andres Amador started creating his ephemeral works in […] Read More

Snow art: Simon Beck’s unique creations

Since 2004, English artist Simon Beck works for several months a year at the French Alpine ski resort of Les Arcs. During these months, he invests both time and energy in the realization of works of art inspired by the composite forms of snowflakes. His ephemeral works are real land art as they last only […] Read More

6 amazing eco-friendly museums not to miss!

In the last decades, the rise of museums and cultural institutions that incorporated the different concepts of sustainability has been a truly amazing and promising worldwide trend. Here is a can't miss list of green museums (or eco-friendly museums or whatever you prefer to name them) around the world. Enjoy! 1) Quai Branly Museum in […] Read More

What is land art and is it eco-friendly?

Forget everything you know about traditional forms of art. Visiting a historical museum, marveling at the impressive architecture, admiring old oil paintings of royalty and marble sculptures, is only a very limited part of what you can experience through art. New contemporary artists are coming up with fresh ideas and innovative ways to change the public’s perception of the […] Read More