Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes, a woman’s touch: confrontation, land and resources

Agnes Denes is an artist of legendary status, who first married together conceptual and environmental art. She is a Hungarian born and New York based artist, who is the forerunner of environmental art movement. Let’s see what conceptual art means. Conceptual artist does not emphasize on one single object of art, but their main concern […] Read More

pet art veronika richterova

Artist transforms plastic bottles into fantastic shapes

Ever wonder what you can do with old plastic bottles that you don't want to throw away? Czech artist Veronika Richterova’ takes creative recycling to a new level by transforming plastic bottles into incredible works of art. Over the years she has created hundreds of lamps, plants, animals, flowers, and other forms by cutting and […] Read More

sculpture parks

Sculpture parks: where Art meets Nature

Sculpture is a representation: sometimes presented as a person and sometimes as a beautiful abstract form. Some public sculptures are so striking that their background could have only been inspired by mother nature. In earlier times, decorative statues of marble and stone used to adorn parks and gardens, but in modern times, highly innovative sculptures […] Read More

Politicians Debating Climate Change

Politicians Debating Climate Change

There’s really nothing to say about this artistic installation from the artist Isaac Cordal, a stellar artist who is always very critical towards the ruling class. He’s made a name for himself with these mini-installations made of high impact cement, that he denominated “Cement Eclipse”. This one, particularly, has been installed in Berlin inside a […] Read More

banksy truck animal

Denouncing animal cruelty, how Banksy does it!

A truck runs through the streets of New York. On board, stuffed animals representing livestock are trying to get their heads between the boards. Moans and screams can be heard. The feelings of pain, stress and fear that radiate from the truck are successfully transmitted to the New Yorkers who are passing by. This is […] Read More

garden of cosmic speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, located in South West Scotland, came to life in 1989, thanks to the inspiration and work of Charles Jencks, one of the most interesting landscape architects of our times. Instead of exotic flowers and plants, Jencks created a mesmerizing landscape that includes aluminium flower beds, fountains with unusual shapes and […] Read More

Living Museums: where the process of a communal life is preserved

Museums do not only have to contain and display dead things, intricate objects and stones and dead relics of the past. Museums where process of life and culture are preserved are called folk museums, or living museums. Generally these museums are not confined inside a building; they rather sprawl around a few vast territories and occupy […] Read More

Hamish Fulton

The art of walking: the rise of the walking artists

On earlier occasions, we talked about land art, where artists make sculptures or drawings exploiting the characteristic of the land they choose. Some contemporary artists have gone a step further and, having completely abandoned the idea of an art object and a specific image that signifies a work of art, they use the land without modifying […] Read More

Chris Jordan

Photography, waste material, environment and fine art

Photography, waste, environment and fine art: what do they have in common with conservation? Ours is a culture of consumption: we do not have time to appreciate beauty in nature or in art. The price tag attached to branded products and the glossy adverts in magazines and TV are often all we use to evaluate everything. Contemporary artists […] Read More

Richard Long

The art of walking and the art of Richard Long

All  us "green people" know about the benefits of cycling as opposed to riding a car. Let’s take a look at something more primitive than cycling. I am talking about the ancient art of walking. With the advent of industrialization, we frequently forget the importance of travelling by foot. Sometimes travelling by foot and crossing a stretch of land […] Read More