Boomslang walkway

Boomslang: a walkway between earth and sky

Let's discover the beautiful sky-walk designed by Mark Thomas and Henry Fagan for the Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens. The National Botanic Gardens of Kirstenbosch in Cape Town have recently seen the inauguration of a fantastic timber walkway, designed in 2013 to mark the centenary of the biggest botanic gardens in the world. Spun originally from an […] Read More

Vertical gardens: everything you need to know about green walls

Modern cities have plenty of problems, one efficient way to respond to some of the problems, is by making walls made of plants. These are sometimes called vertical gardens or green walls. They provide a natural protection against noise pollution and smog. They also help us save energy by providing insulation, help keep the building cool in […] Read More

a staircase that caters for disabled people

Elegant Functionality: A Smart Staircase

Functional example of public-space architecture: a staircase that caters for disabled people, combining style and elegant functionality. You might also like: Eco-Viikki: a new ecologically-sustainable neighbourhood on the outskirts of Helsinki An invisible “troglodyte” design home […] Read More

vertical agriculture in Singapore

Vertical Agriculture in Singapore

One of the most pressing problems humanity will have to face in the near future will be meeting the food demand of a rapidly increasing population while the availability of land on which to grow or farm food will become more and more scarce. The Spanish Architectural firm Japa tried to reply with the proposal […] Read More

Bosco Verticale Milan

Bosco Verticale: two pioneering green towers in Milan

In the last few days a new exciting development has been partially unveiled -with the scaffoldings being removed- in Milan, the second biggest city in Italy and one of the most polluted in Europe. “Bosco Verticale” –literally “Vertical Forest”- by Architectural Studio Boeri, comprises two revolutionary towers that will house 111 apartments. The project is […] Read More

Ordos the chinese ghost town

Ordos, the Chinese ghost town full of over development

Futuristic, spooky, disturbing is the "ghost city" of Ordos in Inner Mongolia, a city full of over development. This province in northern China is located in the vicinity of the desert and populated once by Genghis Khan and his heirs. It is full of energy reserves (coal mines possesses sixth and one third of the […] Read More

Diogenes Renzo Piano tiny house

Diogenes: a self-sufficient tiny house

A home that is completely independent when it comes to energy and water, non-polluting and environmentally friendly: does it make you dream? The world-renowned architect Renzo Piano is preparing to make this dream real! After making iconic architectural landmarks that have marked some cities, such as the Shard in London and the Centre Georges Pompidou in […] Read More

cave house swiss alps

An invisible “troglodyte” design home

There is a house on the market that looks nothing like a conventional home! This house is somewhat unusual: it is a cave house and the body of the building is located underground. The architects behind this marvel are Bjarne Maestenbroek and Christian Müller. They chose to dig the dart and construct this unassuming house of […] Read More

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain Hotel

If you loved the magical atmosphere of the Lord of the Ring saga, then you will be instantly attracted to this delightful Hobbit-like hotel. The Magic Mountain Hotel is located inside “Huilo Huilo” a protected natural reserve within the Valdivian Ecoregion in the Patagonian-Chilean Andes where one of the last (and second biggest) seven temperate […] Read More

The cathedral made of cardboard by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban

The Anglican Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand was partially destroyed by a earthquake that hit the city in 2011. Now it has been completely rebuilt, but you would not expect to discover that the building material is... cardboard! Yes, the repair work has been done using recyclable materials. For this, the city has sought the services […] Read More