Can one keep a yogurt beyond its expiration date?

Did you know the exceptions that apply here?

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Can one keep a yogurt beyond its expiration date?

Like all perishable goods, there is an expiration date for yogurt too. Virtually any canned food has an expiration date and after this fixed date the fresh product begins to deteriorated to the  extent that it may endanger the health of the person who consumes it.

Actually, expiration date is meaningless to a certain degree, as food starts to deteriorate from the very minute it’s harvested or processed, but the rate at which it spoils depends on a number of factors – chiefly the condition under which the food is stored – time is just one factor.

But yogurt is special because it can be consumed even after two to three weeks later than the expiration date. On one condition: it is stored in temperatures below 8°C or 46°F.

Warning! This exception only applies to yogurt, some fruits and sweets. All other preparations, such as egg or cream, are much more susceptible to germs. It is therefore advisable not to take any risks and stick to the expiration date indicated on the packaging!

yogurt beyond its expiration date
Can you keep yogurt beyond its expiration date? Here are all the answers you need to know.

In order to be called a proper “yogurt”, in most countries the product must contain two live lactobacilli: Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which should measure at least 10 million per gram.

These two bacteria “digest” the lactose present in milk turning it into lactic acid. This process saves the milk from becoming contaminated by germs.

To be sure, when your yogurt has an unpleasant odor, it is muoldy, or when you discover that the lid is a little swollen, throw it away without a second thought! These are signs that the quality and taste of yogurt are compromised, although not necessarily toxic.

For particularly vulnerable people such as the elderly, children and sick people, do not take any risk and stick to the expiratory date. Note that restaurants and retailers have no right to sell yogurt to customers after the expiration date.


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