California company offers peer-to-peer bike renting

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By Rachel Maniquis

Have a bike that you never use but don’t know what to do with? California company Spinlister knows how to solve this problem in a green way. The company is specialized in peer-to-peer bike renting, and allows clients to list their available bikes so that others can rent them.

The service is simple – you list your bike on the website complete with details and pictures. Then, interested renters can contact you and you can set up a date and time for pick up. The renter has to first confirm and pay before using your bike, after which, Spinlister will pay you.

The most energy-efficient form of travel ever devised

This bike-sharing program is a wonderful approach to sustaining an eco-friendly environment. If bikes are readily available and easily accessible, people may use them instead of cars.

Following the principal framework for recycling, it also decreases the amount of new bikes that have to be constructed by taking advantage of what is already available.

Spinlister offers bike owners compensation of up to $10,000 in the event that their property is damaged or stolen during rental periods. The company also rents surfboards, skis, and snowboards.

Here is a video explaining how the company works:

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