AquaCell: an ecological battery that gets activated in five minutes with water

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By Leu

aquacell ecological battery

Recyclable and with an infinite battery life: this is the promise of AquaCell’s creators, a new ecological battery that is a true marvel.
To activate Aquacell, you just need two things: a few minutes of patience and water. If you dip the battery for five minutes in water, it will fill with energy!

This revolutionary green marvel comes from the East, the inventor is Niels Bakker, a Dutchman who lives in Hong Kong. One wonders why nobody thought of this before him as the idea at the base of this environmentally friendly battery is very easy: simply unscrew the cap, made of recycled corn, soak it in water for 5 minutes and you’ll have some new energy.

The inventor has decided to stick with the name AquaCell to make its connection to water obvious and easily recognizable.

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Energy is produced through a chemical reaction between water and the positive and negative ions in the form of a non-toxic organic powder located inside the cell: the binding of water and ions generates current. The battery is ready to work once air bubbles start to rise to the surface demonstrating that the reaction is taking place.

The only drawback is the duration of use: this battery does not last as long as conventional batteries, but this slight handicap is balanced by the fact that AquaCell contains much less toxic heavy metals than any batteries that are commercially found. In addition, it is 85% recyclable and contains only 1.6 grams of zinc needed to establish the chemical reaction.

Already sold in Switzerland since the beginning of the month, Aquacell will be marketed worldwide by the end of the year. It will cost approximately 5€/ 7$ for a pack of 4 batteries. The icing on the cake: if not activated, these revolutionary batteries can be kept indefinitely whereas alkaline batteries can’t be preserved for more than 7 years.

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