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Buycott app

How many times when buying a green or seemingly “natural” product, have you asked yourself, what is actually its true origin and if the label matches the truth … Of course, it is often difficult to find a truly natural product as many products have links with companies defined as “unethical” because of their unsustainable practices.

But now we have a bit of extra help so we know what we are buying: thanks to an App, it will allow us to scan our purchases, and find out if we are helping to fuel unethical companies and multinationals.

Buycott is a small scanner that knows the history of a product: it will tell you if companies that are behind the brands are “clean”, so technically we are talking about something which is more than just an app to boycott Monsanto.

buycott iphone
A screenshot of the iOS version of Buycott

For example, if you are eating cereal for breakfast it will tell you if it is from one of the 36 companies that have “donated” a sum of more than $ 150,000 to not affix the label, now mandatory in the U.S. and in many countries the world, which indicates that they come from GM crops.

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Through Buycott we can become aware of campaigns against a particular product or a particular company or group of companies and take part, but you can also support the campaigns of some companies that sell ‘clean’ products.

You can download the app (Android & iOS) from the following link:

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