Andres Amador’s earthscape art

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By Leu

After showing you the fantastic snow art by Simon Beck on this post, we could not resist to introduce you to another artist who works with land to express himself, only this time we are talking about beaches and sand.

A former computer technician from San Francisco, Andres Amador started creating his ephemeral works in 2004 after a trip to Hawaii, when he realized he cold use his studies of ancient crop field designs to create something new.

The perfect conditions for Amador’s art are not easy to find: he needs a lot of free, tranquil space (you can imagine dogs running on the beach are not his best friends!) as some works span up to 100 square feet. The beaches must be flat, have a very low and high tide and have a good scenery.

Using only a rake and some ropes, he completes one design in normally about two hours, just in time before the ocean erases it again. Because of this limitations he has chosen so far to create hundreds of his drawings on only around 30 beaches in the US, Mexico and the Channel Islands. See it yourself here:

His artwork has been commercially successful and he’s been commissioned to create scenery for marriage proposals, memorial ceremonies and commercial backdrop for a car company. He also offers workshops for people who want to learn how to create their own beach art and sells posters and postcards showing his designs on his website.

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We think that this artist is an inspiration, not only because of his beautiful work but because he chose to leave his day job to “follow what brings you joy” and believes that “… the path is more important than the destination- the journey should be the focus.” In his words “When one is experiencing joy, then the world also receives that joy. And the world can always use more joy”: we believe he is on the right path.

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