Agartala: the first solar city in India

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The development of renewable energy continues around the world. It has lead to technological discoveries and the proliferation of ideas related to clean energy. Even countries with strong economic growth are interested in new strategies to reduce energy consumption.

This is the case of India, where the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has recently proposed a radical change that will impact the energy consumption of an entire region. This is a revolution for the cities of the state of Tripura in the northeast of India; the Ministry of Urban Development intends to turn into these cities into “solar cities“.

These cities are nestled in the hilly region of north-east India and they are abounding in natural flora and fauna.

Funded to the tune of about € 60 to 4520 million rupees – the project to build the first solar city in Agartala, capital of the state of Tripura, was launched by the Authority for renewable Energy Development. It plans to convert traditional electrical installations in hotels, kindergartens, hospitals, administrative buildings, temples and housing facilities all powered by solar energy.

With 66,000 water heaters and 80,000 solar lanterns in the surrounding countryside, the corporate plan foresees that once the capital is equipped with solar power they will be able to convert the whole area into using ​​solar energy.

The project does not stop here. In the future, 60 other cities including Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, as well as surrounding villages and agricultural land will also be included in the Indian sustainable development plan.

The Minister of Urban Development, Manik Dey, who attended the inauguration of the first solar power plant of 50 kWh assembled in a public building, has also said: “The electricity crisis cannot be solved in our country if we don’t use at least one large-scale non-conventional energy such as solar energy.”



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