A restaurant made of cardboard in Taiwan

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By Rachel

A restaurant made of cardboard in Taiwan

Do you like to collect the papers that fall to the ground? Is recycling one of your passions? Then, the new restaurant concept proposed in the capital of Taiwan is for you. In this restaurant you will find classic tables and comfortable – sometimes uncomfortable – chairs complete with armrests.

The particular thing about this restaurant is that it is made using only a very common material, cardboard packaging. This material is definitely not an ideal material for interior designers, but that didn’t deter the owner.

The Carlton Restaurant or King Carton, as it is sometimes translated (and there couldn’t be a more appropriate name), has been furnished using only cardboard furniture. Created by the designer and owner of a paper mill company Huang Fang-liang, Carton Restaurant looks like a normal local restaurant, with a lobby for guests, a kitchen and a bar but its peculiarity lies in the choice of material used for the interior.

All the chairs, the tables, the bar, the walls of the restaurant and the dishes are made with cardboard, even the lighting system is of cardboard.

Instead of adding more cumbersome materials in a city centre which is already over-crowded with concrete construction, Huang Fang-liang preferred to realize a work not only elegant in design, but also useful to the community of the Taiwanese capital.

There is real food, of course, and it seems not to be of exceptional quality, and having no way to go to Taiwan to check, we’ll accept these reviews. Sure, an experience of this type still deserves attention and, why not, someone else may also be inspired by this simple and brilliant idea and create something similar in their own urban environment using cardboard or other recyclable materials.

Elegant and fragile at the same time, we are eager to test the strength of their chairs. From the video and photographs it looks like they will certainly pass any test.

There is also a nice video of this bizarre restaurant in Taiwan, enjoy and have your say:

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