7 amazing eco-friendly hotels

Each hotel is ecologically innovative in its way and conveniently located in an idyllic place

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eco-friendly hotels

For your next dream vacation, we can offer you a (short) list of the finest hotels in the world that are also ecologically innovative: here is a list of truly amazing eco-friendly hotels, enjoy!

We take for granted that environmentally friendly hotels are not luxury hotels. But eco-tourism can also be a luxurious experience.  More and more tourists are opting for hotels that recycle waste, follow bio-architectural standards, provide meals “km 0” (food produced within a radius of 100 to 250 km maximum), seek to conserve energy in all its forms and so on.

The ultimate eco-friendly hotels can’t miss list

So, here are seven such hotels, all conveniently located in idyllic spots.

Treehotel, Harads (Sweden)

Let’s first visit the Treehotel, Sweden. If you have always dreamed of living in a treehouse, here is a hotel that will delight you. There are only six rooms, which all have a view of the Lule River valley. Different from each other, the rooms are ‘attached’ to the trees. To build this hotel, no plant has been sacrificed.

Given the configuration, there is no sewer system; the health service has an incinerator that eliminates all natural waste, leaving no unpleasant odors.

eco-friendly hotels
One of the treetop rooms.

Paradise Bay Eco Resort, Queensland (Australia)

This marvel is conveniently located on an almost uninhabited island in Queensland, Australia. The island, which answers to the name of Whitsundays, is a true uncontaminated paradise, renowned for its unique flora and fauna. The first requirement was to preserve the original nature of the island, which is why a number of plants and vegetables planted artificially have been removed. In addition, when building the hotel, construction materials were delicately moved using light vehicles to reduce soil erosion and preserve the habitat of endangered species. The use of solar energy covers 85% of the energy needs of the hotel.

Those who have the pleasure of staying in this extraordinary place will receive information on sustainable development to make them aware of its meaning and its value. They will also discover the ecological tricks used by the hotel to save energy that remain hidden from the eyes of tourists.

Vigilius Mountain Resort, Dolomites (Italy)

Now back to Europe: at the foot of the Dolomites in the Italian South Tyrol, lies the Vigilius Mountain Resort.

This resort can only be reached on foot or by cable car. With its bark like wooden facede, it blends in perfectly with the enchanting forest of ancient larches that surrounds it. The green roof is entirely covered with grass and contributes to the conservation of energy. To increase natural light, the walls contain large windows, and the interior is decorated with wooden planks of larch as well as other natural elements such as stones, pebbles and fabrics. An infinite number of sporting activities are offered, including yoga, pilates and there is even a spa.

eco-friendly hotels
The Dolomites at their best

Adrère Amellal, Lake Siwa (Egypt)

Looking for some (unexpectedly) amazing eco-friendly hotels in Africa? In Cairo, Egypt, our number one pick is Adrère Amellal. Consisting of 40 rooms like sand castles, this hotel fits perfectly into the desert landscape of the region, near Lake Siwa, facing the mighty Sahara desert. The materials are exclusively natural and imported locally, such as woven palm leaves for roofs or walls of dry stones. If the hotel uses solar energy for electricting and oil lamps for lighting. You will be able to enjoy a dip in the swimming pool which is filled with water from ancient hot springs, as in Roman times. Dinner here is a truly romantic affair beneath the stars and amidst the rich sparkling stones of surrounding salt crystals and candlelight

Magic Mountain Lodge, Huilo Huilo biological reserve (Chile)

In the enchanted Patagonian forest, next to the Huilo Huilo biological reserve, lies the iconic Magic Mountain Lodge. With its pyramidal shape, it looks more like a castle than a hotel. Built by hundreds of local craftsmen, they have used only locally available materials. The outer surface is covered with native vegetation while the interior is almost entirely of wood. Nothing is lacking to make your vacation the most relaxing possible.

eco-friendly hotels
Explore the beautiful waterfalls next to the Huilo Huilo biological reserve.

White Pod, Swiss Alps (Switzerland)

The amazing White Pod, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is made of small tents like snowballs, that melt perfectly into the winter landscape. In winter times this hotel can be reached only by skiing or snowboarding.

The Pods are semi-permanent structures made of wood and covered with green materials. In the summer the 15 tents reflect the green moutainous landscape and in the winter the snow. These minigeodesic domes scattered in the valley form a mini-village around a main lodge. Located at 1800 metres above sea level the resort offers a restaurant with Swiss cuisine and a modern spa. A true example of eco-tourism compatible with winter sports.

eco-friendly hotels: white pod
The pods offer a really unique accommodation experience.

Crosby Street Hotel, New York (U.S.A.)

Even the city of New York is not to be forgotten, proving that the label green hotel is not reserved only for out of city hotels. The Crosby Street Hotel, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, has an indoor garden with 50 species native to the region, as well as amazing natural sculptures. The 12th floor of the hotel is an urban vegetable garden which supplies the kitchen.

Melons, blueberries, lettuce, tomatoes; everything served in the restaurant comes from this garden. It even raises Araucana hens, with their special blue eggs. The indoor lighting is maximized through the windows that cover the walls from floor to ceiling and each room is personalized with a unique design.

So, we wish you a good holiday. We bet the hardest part will be which of these eco-friendly hotels to choose!

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