6 good reasons to eat bananas

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Everyone would agree that bananas are tasty, but beside its taste, banana turns out to be an authentic source of energy, a reliable support system against many daily nuisances that we face.
Very nutritious and rich in natural sugars, this fruit is also low in fat and  facilitates digestion.

Plenty of good reasons to eat bananas:

Here are other good tips that will make you want to relish this fruit.

If you are undergoing a stressful time and need all your intellectual capabilities, bananas are very good for keeping your concentration level high, because they are rich in potassium. Bananas helps concentration, making students more alert and it also helps you to cope with stress, Vitamin B contained in banana also calms the nervous system down.

Whenever you are feeling blue please be aware that tryptophan (one essential amino acid) contained in bananas are transformed into serotonin, the hormone of happiness, while it is being digested. So do yourself a favor and eat a bananas, they will make you smile again .

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If you suffer from heartburn, anemia or constipation, bananas relieve your pain as well as relieving excessive acidity in your stomach. It contains iron that increases hemoglobin production, and its fiber relieves constipation.

Want to cure a hangover? Nothing like a mashed banana and honey to increase your blood sugar level. You will feel much better after eating a few bananas.

If you suffer from morning sickness, bananas can help you. Simply eat a few regularly, as this will regulate your blood sugar and quickly cure your morning troubles.

If you have difficulty quitting smoking: B vitamins ( B6 and B12), potassium and magnesium contained in banana will support you through this difficult stage. These chemicals reduce your cravings.

Everything is good in banana, not only the flesh, but also the skin. In fact, if you rub the inside of a  banana peel, on your mosquito bites the sensation of irritation and burning decreases.

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You can use the same for your warts: rub a banana skin on it,  wait and warts will disappear.

Bananas have even more benefits, a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, reached the following conclusion: that regular consumption of bananas decrease the risk of heart attacks by 40% .

For all these reasons and more, bananas are a magic fruit. Eat them regularly and enjoy the benefits!



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