A mini garden for your balcony: 5 easy plants to grow

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easy plants to grow

A small garden, a balcony, a terrace or a simple windowsill. In everyones house you can always find a little green space, not only for flowers and ornamental plants that give joy and colour, but also for cultivating edible plants and herbs.

Creating a mini-balcony garden is easier than you might imagine and the rewards that await you are many. To succeed you need to choose the right plants, and receive some advice on how to grow them to ensure that your mini-garden is a success… and we are here to help!

What you need to prepare first

First you need a planter adapted to accommodate the variety of plant you choose to grow. It must be at least 100 cm wide and 50 cm high, fitted with a small water tank with a capacity of 6 liters, capable of guaranteeing vegetables water for 7-15 days. Remember that the vessels used to hold the vegetables should be well drained, with holes in the bottom to avoid water stagnation. With all of this a single planter will accommodate about 15 seedlings.

If you prepare your planters in this way then they will allow you to irrigate the plants from the bottom up, which helps to avoid fungal diseases that occur in the presence of moisture or ponding on the surface.

Another important factor in the creation of your mini garden is to use expandable clay as it ensures the soil is always moist and prevents water stagnation which can be dangerous for the roots. In addition to the clay, which you should place the bottom of the planters, you will need a sheet of non-woven fabric which lies on the clay layer to allow for perfect ventilation.

At this point you’ll need 3 bags of potting soil mixed with 50 liters of peat from, and organic fertilizer or slow release fertilizer.

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5 easy plants to grow in your garden

Now you just have to choose your plants: a very important choice because the variety you choose to grow will depend on a large part of the success of your mini-garden.

First you must decide where to place your planter, it must be well lit (at least for 4 hours per day, preferably in the morning).

Some varieties of plants are easier to grow, so ideal for beginners or for those of you who can dedicate small amounts of time to your garden. We have selected 5 easy plants to grow ideal for you:


Growing lettuce is so easy. The essential thing is that the container is at least 20-30 cm high and 40 wide. Already after just over a month it will be ready for the first harvest and will continue production until mid-November.

5 easy plants to grow in your garden
Growing lettuce is easy and fun.


The container, in this case, must be at least 20 cm deep and 10 cm wide minimum. The production of leafs ready to be consumed starts about 25 days after it is planted. Basil will be a great addition to your dishes.


For strawberries it is better to use individual containers 40-50 cm deep and 20-30cm wide. The strawberry plant starts its production after 50-80 days after planting, from June until October. Its beautiful white flowers make it perfect to adorn balconies and verandas.

5 easy plants to grow
Growing strawberries in your garden is so easy!


The minimum depth of the vessel must be of 30-40 cm and 20cm in width. At 40-60 days after planting, the leaves are ready to be consumed.


Containers are required to be 30-40 cm deep and 30cm wide. The first fruits will pop out after 80-90 days from planting.

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