April 2017

Dry hair? 5 super natural ingredients that will revitalize it

Many simple everyday problems have a green solution. Did you know that your own kitchen is a potential laboratory that can cure dry hair? Countless natural ingredients used in cooking have the power to heal your dry lackluster hair, making it soft and healthy. They are simple, easy to find, and will help you avoid […] Read More

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vegan alternatives for butter

Vegan alternatives for butter

In the vegan lifestyle all products with animal origins are excluded from the diet. Amongst these also fats, but how can we find a worthy substitute of butter? These vegan alternatives for butter are the answer. Eating vegan, however does not mean giving up the sins of gluttony: also butter, as other foods, has an […] Read More

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beauty recipes from coconut oil

3 beauty recipes from coconut oil

Lounging on a tropical beach surrounded by pristine blue water and tall swaying palm trees. It is an enticing image that can be improved by only one activity - sipping the sweet, refreshing juice from a coconut! Coconuts are extremely resourceful fruits, and we would like to focus on one of their most potent contributions to […] Read More

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7 non-dairy alternatives to cow’s milk you should discover!

Especially if you are intolerant or allergic to Lactose, these non-dairy alternatives to cow's milk will be helpful. Milk can be either of animal origin or vegetable origin. Among the dairy milks available, cow's milk is without doubt the most popular. Other types of this product commonly available are goat's milk and sheep's milk. Cow's milk […] Read More

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How to make a delicious ice cream without milk or eggs

If you don't want to change your eating habits and enjoy a dairy free ice cream that's as good as the traditional one we can help! Here's a quick and easy way to prepare ice cream without milk or eggs. There are in fact different alternatives to milk. You can replace dairy milk with soya […] Read More

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Natural health benefits of green tea

A hot cup of tea can do wonders for your body. There are countless studies illustrating the beneficial effects that tea has on our well-being. Some known advantages to drinking tea include boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, and in the case of herbal teas, having a calming and soothing effect […] Read More

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organic lemon

Organic lemon and its properties: 11 benefits you should know

Lemons are a staple of every kitchen. They have many other lesser known properties, however, which make them a must have item in every home! Here are just some examples the natural therapeutic properties of lemons: High fat diets and excessive alcohol consumption put a lot of strain on the liver, making it slow to […] Read More

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how to grow thyme

How to grow thyme at home

Today we will learn how to grow thyme, one of the easiest plants to grow, especially on your balcony. Thyme is known and used since ancient times as a medicinal plant thanks to its balsamic, antiseptic and anticatarrhal properties. As a spice it has different uses in the kitchen: suitable as a condiment- especially for […] Read More

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vegan roast beef

A vegan roast beef, without meat!

A cruelty-free cuisine classic, maybe to cook for Sunday lunch with potatoes, even for those who are not vegan. For this vegan recipe you need gluten flour, which is a wheat gluten powder obtained from wheat flour rinsed under water to remove the starch and increase the gluten concentration. This method is used to strengthen […] Read More

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How to make a terrarium: a step by step DIY tutorial

Today we will show you how to make a terrarium, a miniature garden that will add a touch of green to your home. Have you ever wanted your very own tiny ecosystem? Just as an aquarium is a microcosm of aquatic life, a terrarium is a beautiful microcosm of plant life that you can keep […] Read More

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