December 2016

How to dye clothes or fabric in a natural way

Have you ever felt fed up with an old piece of clothing that has been stuck in a drawer for a long time? Have you ever regretted having bought a white dress? Does your favourite canvass shopping bag begin to grow tired and make you feel sad when you go to the grocery store? Don't […] Read More

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Do lobsters feel pain when boiled alive?

Lobsters. They suffer just like mammals, especially when their short life ends in the pot in a restaurants kitchen or in the clutches of a chef. We have always thought, that is until now, that the movements of a lobster when thrown into boiling water were just automatic reflexes. This is why the biologists Elwood and […] Read More

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pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Pesticides: fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels

In all kinds of intensive agriculture pesticides have been used massively for over half a century. Hence, we find pesticide residues everywhere and especially in our food: half of the fruits and vegetables produced by intensive farming contain these corrosive ingredients, although some actually absorb more than others. The American agency Animal and Plant Health […] Read More

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eating raw garlic

Eating raw garlic: properties, benefits and contraindications

It is certainly not pleasing to all palates and certainly does not make us easily approachable, unless a couple of hours have passed since we ate it. But anyway garlic is a vegetable with many valuable properties. Garlic's benefits are known since ancient times.  This unique vegetable was regarded primarily as a tonic, an invigorating […] Read More

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