July 2015

foods you can freeze

Some surprising foods you can freeze

You may not know, but your freezer is the perfect place to store many foods and even drinks that until now you would've placed only in the refrigerator or you would have thrown in the trash after the deadline. To prevent food waste and free up space in the refrigerator, the freezer will be of […] Read More

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Amaranth properties and contraindications

It's a plant with a long history and it's a staple of Andean people. Amaranth is in fact a variety native to Central America, long forgotten, but slowly renowned and reintroduced in the recent couple of decades as a food in Europe and the US. The rediscovery of the plant has a certain date- 1975 […] Read More

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The impact of meat production on the planet’s resources

Our ecosystem under threat from our diet, in particular our excessive consumption of red meat. When we talk about sustainable development, we cannot avoid mentioning the impact of the protein rich diet of the worlds more developed countries. Meat, in fact, is one of the most expensive, wasteful and polluting of all dietary products. Producing meat requires […] Read More

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pet art veronika richterova

Artist transforms plastic bottles into fantastic shapes

Ever wonder what you can do with old plastic bottles that you don't want to throw away? Czech artist Veronika Richterova’ takes creative recycling to a new level by transforming plastic bottles into incredible works of art. Over the years she has created hundreds of lamps, plants, animals, flowers, and other forms by cutting and […] Read More

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