February 2015

A wooden mini house: perfect for students!

It is not easy for Swedish students to find a confortable and affordable place to stay away from home. That’s why Tengbom architectural firm, in cooperation with the university of Lund, in the south of Sweden, has designed a Smart Student Unit that is cheap, practical and environmentally-friendly. It is a wooden mini house, just […] Read More

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how to cure chillblains

How to cure chilblains on the hands and feet naturally

With the winter season, in addition to the usual elements, to suffer the ravages of cold is also the skin, especially the limbs- hands and feet that can develop painful chilblains. It is an alteration in the skin due to contact with the cold (especially wet), which in turn causes redness or even bluish, and […] Read More

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Surprising benefits of dark chocolate

When considering the benefits of eating healthy, few people will think of chocolate as a source of nutrition. However, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and minerals. The main ingredient in chocolate is cacao, which, in addition to antioxidants, contains minerals such as fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, and potassium. Chocolate becomes unhealthy the less “dark” […] Read More

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7 foods that counteract stress

Did you know that certain foods can help us counteract stress by regulating the amount of sugar and other elements in our bodies? We all deal with stress in our daily frenetic lives, and it can be damaging for our physical and mental health. Several easily obtainable foods can help alleviate the negative effects of […] Read More

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how to harvest aloe vera gel

How to harvest Aloe vera gel at home

The Aloe Vera plant is a natural remedy for bug bites, burns, scratches, minor cuts and many others, the gel it produces is a cure-all for our skin and our wallets! The plant has specific properties making it perfect for treatment of other problems and disorders. Use is recommended for people suffering from irritable bowel […] Read More

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Should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising?

The main factor to consider when determining the answer is the body’s need for constant hydration. Our bodies use water to regulate temperature, and when we work out, our temperature rises and our bodies lose a lot of water. Becoming dehydrated is dangerous because a depletion of water can have serious consequences such as heat […] Read More

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Protein-boost pumpkin smoothie recipe

Need a boost of protein in your weekly diet? Pumpkin is a great source that can be blended into a sweet and tasty smoothie for your fast and active lifestyle. In addition to protein, pumpkin is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and C, Potassium, Fiber, and Magnesium. Because of these beneficial properties, pumpkin […] Read More

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sculpture parks

Sculpture parks: where Art meets Nature

Sculpture is a representation: sometimes presented as a person and sometimes as a beautiful abstract form. Some public sculptures are so striking that their background could have only been inspired by mother nature. In earlier times, decorative statues of marble and stone used to adorn parks and gardens, but in modern times, highly innovative sculptures […] Read More

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10 natural alternatives to white sugar

According to several nutritionists, every day we need about 90 grams of sugar. This amount can be achieved with a normal diet. A balanced nutrition therefore excludes sweets and sugary drinks. According to the World Health Organization, the excessive consumption of sugar is the leading cause of dental caries, diabetes and obesity. An overdose of sugar increases drowsiness (typical […] Read More

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Discovering the benefits of Marseille soap

Living a "green lifestyle" doesn't just refer to recycling waste or to using eco-sustainable forms of transport; our everyday actions also count. You can reduce the use of  chemicals, for example, even when taking care of personal hygiene or cleaning the house. With this in mind let's rediscover the benefits of Marseille soap. You may […] Read More

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