March 2014


Candles and incense: a serious health hazard?

A candlelight dinner, a relaxing atmosphere while returning from work, a light fragrance to remove odors... doesn't it sound beautiful? Candles and incense have long ago invaded our homes. However, they often pollute the air we breathe in and breathe out. From tobacco to cleaning products, the sources of indoor air pollution are multiple. Candles and incense are one […] Read More

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8 tips to freeze food efficiently

The freezing processes consist of quickly reducing the temperature of a food, to -18°C (-27.8°F) with household appliances (refrigerators or freezers). These appliances are generally marked with four stars. The water contained in food is transformed into ice; this freezing temperature inhibits bacterial activity. Here is something everybody should know, have a look! 1) Avoid freezing dairy products and […] Read More

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A week-end in Brussels

Brussels, is an unlikely "capital" of Europe, but it is nevertheless a popular destination for its monuments, museums, gastronomy and adventure spots. It is much less known, for its 8,000 acres of parkland which contain a biodiversity that is extraordinary for a capital in the old continent. It is easy to get fresh air, as this moderate-sized city […] Read More

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public transportation

The benefits of public transportation

Public transportation has many advantages and only a few disadvantages. Yet many of us still prefer or always use our own car. We have various pretexts for it; such as the distance you live from the station, lack of security, slow public transport, unreliability, discomfort, etc. Several studies around the world attest to the fact […] Read More

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Between ice and fire: the Blue Lagoon

Iceland is probably the most successful country in the world in terms of utilizing green energy: thanks to its position between two tectonic plates, the American and the Eurasian, the availability of geothermal energy is abundant. At a depth of less than 1km, cold waters both from the sea and the ground mix with the […] Read More

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Andres Amador artwork

Andres Amador’s earthscape art

After showing you the fantastic snow art by Simon Beck on this post, we could not resist to introduce you to another artist who works with land to express himself, only this time we are talking about beaches and sand. A former computer technician from San Francisco, Andres Amador started creating his ephemeral works in […] Read More

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No, we are not talking about the recipe for a healthy smoothy but about an informal organization present worldwide that meets once a month  in different cities to talk about environmental issues. The meetings are open to everybody, even if the majority of people would normally have a background in the environmental field, they are generally simple and unstructured and are […] Read More

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Lake Hillier

Pink lakes: the most beautiful pink-colored lakes in the world

Today we want to show you one of the most spectacular phenomena Nature has to offer: the pink lakes. Pink lakes, aren't they beautiful? They can be found all over the world and are a favorite of landscape and nature photographers due to the truly vivid and unbelievable pink tones their waters can assume. Their pigmentation […] Read More

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veg protein

Consuming the right protein

Reducing the intake of red meat is good for your health and good for the planet. Nutritionists and environmentalists alike strongly advise us to reduce our consumption of red meat. An international “meatless” day, March 20th - also referred to as Great American Meatout Day - has been created to raise awareness of this issue. But meat […] Read More

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pile of gifts

The case against planned obsolescence

Every year, as we approach Christmas time, the pile of gifts under the tree looks as promising as ever. Most of them are new electronic toys that as consumers  we crave. A new smartphone, the latest game console, the latest brand of TV. All these  gadgets are strategically released before December, and then sell like hotcakes. But for […] Read More

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