10 very original examples of recycling

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original examples of creative recycling

The habit of sorting out and recycling cans, milk bottles and other plastic containers have entered our daily life. But some go much further and recycle improbable things: from urine sewage water to diapers, here are the most original examples of recycling you’ve possibly never heard before.

Cigarette filters: In North America, a handful of companies and local administrations are launching programs that will help transform them into timber or shipping pallets.

Panda droppings: They can be utilized as a fertilizer for tea! A Chinese University Professor, An Yanshi, allegedly declared to have found a solution in the fight against cancer: although his claims were widely criticized, the professor stated that if compost of panda stool is used to grow tea, it may give the tea anti-cancer properties.

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Dumpsters: In New York City, it is possible to bathe in rehabilitated dumpsters. Indeed, the old waste containers can have a second life as a pool!

Sewer water: What if sewage water was used as toilet water? This is what has been put in place at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 in the Olympic Park. This initiative has saved nearly 60% water.

Diapers and sanitary pads: They can be transformed into construction materials. A company based in England proposes to recycle diapers and feminine protection into synthetic wood and roof shingles.

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Toilets: Among the most original examples of recycling is the story of a French municipality that had the original idea to recycle old tiles from municipal toilets and use them for the creation of a footpath.

Leftover food: A British designer has created a line of clothing made from leftover food. Fashion against waste!

Urine: NASA has developed a process that converts urine into energy drink into space!

Sewage: Using sewage to make artificial snow? It’s possible! Based on this idea they (“they” chi? Some companies?) are planning to make a ski resort in Arizona to make up for the lack of natural snowfall!

Manure: A cooperative agricultural uses manure from their cows to ride their tractor! They turn manure into natural gas and fuel the tractors.

What shall we say at the end of this brief journey into the most eccentric examples of recycling? Fantasy is the ultimate limitation when it comes to it!

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