10 energy foods for athletes

Boost your performance with a balanced diet to keep your energy

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Foods and drinks are the primary source of energy that fuels the body. In fact, our diet should include the habitual consumption of energy foods that counteract physical weakening and support mental and physical activity. Let’s see which foods provide the right energy to feel fitter every day.

Energy foods – in a context of an healthy and balanced nutrition – preserve and enhance our physical and mental well-being. That’s right, because eating well, appropriately balancing all the nutrients that our bodies need, is very important to promote the proper performance of major vital and physiological functions, but the choice of foods to be introduced into the diet must take into account those who have higher daily energy needs.

Intense sports activity, stress, climatic changes, long convalescence and periods of intense work can be a source of weakening and fatigue.

Those who regularly practice sports, in particular, need to follow a appropriate dietary regimen to develop and sustain muscles, strengthen bone structure, and counteract mental and physical stress. This is also important for children who play sports, athletes, and the elderly who need to keep moving.

The best energy foods for athletes

In this guide, we present a selection of 10 energy foods that improve the efficiency of body and mind in every situation by providing the right boost of energy ready to burn.

Dried Fruits

Pistachios are foods with high energy value and rich in active ingredients and health benefits. Bananas and dates are among foods high in sugar and low in fat. A mix of dried fruits eaten away from meals is a healthy and definitely energetic snack.


This is one of the most energetic and healthy foods, rich in fructose and glucose. A good dose of immediately available energy is derived from its consumption. Among the energy foods, honey is also one of the most versatile, as it can be eaten naturally or in a thousand sweet recipes. Be careful not to exceed the quantities if you follow low-calorie diets or suffer from diabetes.

Rice and corn

These are some of the best grains for regaining vitality and well-being in a single meal. Rice is very energetic due to its rich starch content. Easily digested and also for this reason very popular with athletes who want to “restart” right away.

In addition to being easily digestible and light, it has a high satiating power, which is why it is particularly suitable in low-calorie diets. Corn is used for the preparation of flours and meal with which delicious flatbreads can be made.

energy foods for athletes
Eating well is paramount when you practice sports.


Bananas are super-fruits, good in calories and rich in minerals, including potassium and magnesium. Each banana provides, on average, 100 kcal and ready-to-burn sugars. Their consumption is also indicated during periods of emotional stress as they help regulate brain functions and maintain concentration. Excellent for quenching hunger, they ensure good fiber intake and are easily digestible.


Although its consumption should be moderate, wheat is an irreplaceable source of fiber and time-release glucose. This means that once digested, this food provides energy a little at a time but over longer time intervals. In addition, wheat performs a beneficial function on metabolism by helping to keep blood insulin levels low.


Another very important protein source is eggs. Their consumption is recommended to support muscle tissue and metabolism. Rich in vitamin B, eggs help convert food into energy to be spent immediately. Beware of excess and watch out for cholesterol!

Another key thing is the origin of the eggs. They should always be organic, that is, from naturally raised and fed hens.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best ingredients for preparing energetic and revitalizing smoothies, especially suitable for those who do a lot of sports.

Rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins and water, smoothies are the easiest way to get all the nutrients we need without vitamin or mineral loss.

The golden rule is mix more fruits (apple, banana, strawberries, berries, avocado) and an equal share vegetables (celery, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, beets, cucumber, lettuce).

Instead of milk, mineral water or coconut water can be added to maximize the mineralizing and invigorating power.


Among the most popular energizing foods, cocoa certainly holds a place of honor. That contained in dark chocolate, in particular, contains a caffeine-like substance called theobromine that increases resistance to fatigue and gives immediate physical vigor.

In addition, bitter cocoa is rich in antioxidants that effectively counteract daily stress. Another benefit associated with the consumption of bitter chocolate is related to the production of serotonin.

This neurotransmitter gives a sense of physical and mental well-being and fulfillment that is of fundamental help in times of greatest mental and physical fatigue.


Although it is classified as a fruit, the avocado is more properly a vegetable with many beneficial virtues. It abounds in fatty acidsand Omega 3 which help regulate bad cholesterol levels in the blood preserving heart health.

Like other energy foods, its pulp is rich in phitonutrients that fight the action of free radicals and keep cell tissues elastic and vital.

A salad of avocado, tomato and a handful of nuts and almonds makes a nutritious, light and vitamin-rich meal.

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We’ll finish our guide dedicated to energy foods with legumes. They are valuable allies of well-being and vitality. In addition to being an important protein source, legumes provide energy and fight fatigue physical fatigue.

Last, they are very rich in vitamins, minerals (calcium), fiber and carbohydrates and have high satiating power. Combined with green leafy vegetables and whole grains, they are a top energizing and detox food.

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