10 of the best cycle routes in the world

Where to cycle in places of breathtaking beauty or great historical significance

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Travelling by bicycle has earned quite a following: discovering a region, a country or crossing a continent by bicycle, is a captivating experience for an increasing number of people.

If you also want to try travelling by bike, here is our selection of 10 among the best cycle routes in the world.

10 of the best cycle routes in the world

Here are some routes that can guarantee you an unforgettable holiday.


EuroVélo is a European project that is promoting cycle tracks to discover Europe in a different way. It is a network of 17 long-distance cycle routes which cross several European countries in every direction, from south to north, from east to west, several thousands of miles of tracks stretching across Europe from Ireland to Portugal, Norway, and many other magical routes.

A great way to discover Europe beyond its capitals, off the beaten path.

the best cycle routes in the world
Bridge on the Alpe-Adria bicycle EuroVélo way in Tarvisio, Italy during summer.

Vias Verdes (Spain)

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Vias Verdes in Spain are hiking trails for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. These were originally railway tracts which have been transformed and are scattered throughout the country. The best known are the Vìa Verde del Aceite hiking trails for walkers, cyclists and horse riders situated in southern Andalusia..

the best cycle routes in the world.
The Vias Verdes in Spain are among best cycle routes in the world: here is an illuminated gallery in Extremadura region, south west of Spain.

Lake Llanquihue (Chile)

Now we move to South America, to one of the most beautiful landscapes on this continent. Lake Llanquihue in Chile is surrounded by a very nice and relatively flat bike path, which is quite rare in the country.

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Route Verde (Canada)

This route covers over 5200 miles, making it the longest network of bicycle trails in North America.

Route Verte in Quebec stretches  through Montreal, Quebec City, crossing many parks and multiple beautiful sceneries.

Danube Cycle Path

Back to old Europe, with our idea of riverside cycling. The Danube Cycle Path (or Donauradweg) has been derived form the classical towpaths along the Danube, that have been converted into cycle paths. Although all these roads are completely functional, the best one can be found in Europe. It runs through vineyards, typical villages and through some of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade.

Enjoy some epic views of the Danube bend while cycling through one of the safest paths in the world.

the best cycle routes in the world
The Danube Cycle Path, also known as the Donauradweg, is arguably the most famous bike route in Europe.

From London to Paris

The Green route between London and Paris is a 465 km long corridor that links the two capitals. If you take this trip, you will discover the countryside of northern France and southern England. You will also need to take a ferry in the middle!

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (U.S.A. & Canada)

This is a route of great historical significance and it’s by far our favorite route in North America.

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route starts from Alabama in the United States and connects to Ontario in Canada. It has an interesting historical background as it follows the route of the former slaves who fled the South to join the north.

From France to Belgium

Green Lane Trans-Ardenne is stretched between France and Belgium, and will bring you through the beautiful scenery on the banks of the river Meuse.

The Burren Cycle Route (Ireland)

Explore some of Ireland’s most epic sceneries with the Burren Cycle Route, a bike path that stretches through a loop of 70 km in the southwest of the island. It is ideal for exploring the familliar landscapes of Irish postcards: moorland, coastline, castles…

The Burren Cycle Route in Ireland: another great bike route.

Urban cycling in Tokyo (Japan)

Not everyone knows that the Japanese megalopolis is a cyclist’s paradise. Cycling is a great way to travel and discover this city. The Japanese capital has developed many bike paths to escape traffic-jams: you might be surprised how pleasurable this experience can turn out to be.

There are several cycling routes in Tokyo and you will regret not having time to cycle through them all.

Urban cycling in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Last, the world capital of cycling: Amsterdam of course! This picturesque city has about 400 km of bike paths, and across the country, there are more than 20,000 bike paths! You can make wonderful rides along these roads.

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