10 Amazing Design Bike Racks

Here are some amazing design bike racks from all over the world that remind me of a famous Albert Einstein’s quote: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

design bike rack
From Brazil: a Sleek Design Bike Rack

This is probably our favorite, from a purely aesthetic point of view (not sure about its functionality)

copenhagen bike rack
From Copenhagen: a sleek design bike rack

Now, from France:

france bike rack
From France: an elegant and functional bike rack

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From New York: 1 car = 10 bicycles!

car bike rack
A clear message, isn’t it?

One more example of great design is the following:

Design Bike Rack
Lovely Design Bike Racks

From Seoul: an award-winning  bike rack:

bud rack
From Seoul: Bud Rack – Yong Su Kim

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From Italy: Chiave Bike Stand

bike rack chiave
From Italy: a “key” bike stand

Another lovely, minimalist bike rack:

Design Bike Rack
Smart Design Bike Rack

So clever, a dual-use bike rack, being also a planter:

double duty bike rack
Smart! A double duty bike rack

And here’s another double duty design bike rack:

A bench rack!
A bench rack!

And you? What’s your favorite design bike rack?

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